Social Media Marketing Package

Building online communities and engaging your Ideal Clients on Social Media can be a powerful, proactive marketing strategy for your business. You probably already know this. You also know that’s easier said than done.

Our Social Media Marketing service package is designed to do the heavy lifting for you. From curating relevant content; to distributing both curated and you own content; to monitoring important online conversations; to managing your online communities, our team will provide the important, missing piece to your marketing puzzle.

Here's how we help:

  • We help you implement a Social Media Marketing SYSTEM.
  • We curate articles that resonate with your Ideal Clients.
  • We post to your company Facebook page.
  • We post to your company LinkedIn page.
  • We post a daily update to your personal LinkedIn profile.
  • We post to your company Instagram feed.
  • We tweet hourly for you through your target time zone.
  • We alert you of relevant digital conversations you need to join.
  • We alert you of feedback on social channels you need to respond to.

If you’re struggling to run effective social media campaigns, this package is for you. 

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