Win With Why Primer

Most of our “Win With Why Primer” clients have heard Jeff in a podcast interview or speaking at an event and fall into one of two camps: firm leader or director / manager. Maybe you’ve had a similar experience.

No matter your role, the ultimate goal is always the same:

Introduce challenging information about the need to clearly communicate a compelling answer to “Why should I choose You” in our distracted, disrupted, accelerating world AND align your entire organization around the need to change course in order to avoid the harsh realities of commoditization when it comes to your business development, employee experience, and client experience… the life-blood of your firm.

Whether you’re a leader that wants to get the buy-in of the rest of the leadership team or you’re a director or manager that needs to ‘convince’ leadership that an important, new direction is needed, the “Win With Why Primer” is an excellent tool to help you achieve your goal.

Imagine the impact of making a small investment in a customized session that positions your firm to compete better in today’s robust economy and sets you up to dominate your market once things slow down (and they will eventually slow down).

What if you could communicate a value proposition that that helped you win the right customers at the right fees, right now?

What if you could create an employee experience that helped you retain the employees you have and recruit the employees you need?

What if you could create a customer experience that kept them coming back AND compelled them to tell their friends and colleagues about you?

The “Win With Why Primer” is a great way to help your Executive Team understand exactly what’s at stake and get everyone on the right train before it moves out of the station.

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