Build Your Brand

Most organizations don’t actually have a brand that attracts the clients they want, the projects they need, and the fees they deserve.

  • They’ve invested a lot in brand artifacts (logo, letterhead, business card, website), but see little or no return from the effort.

  • They’re busy today, but they know when things slow down they can’t rely on their brand to be their lead sales person.

  • They’re afraid they haven’t done everything they should have to put their organization in position to succeed.

  • They know there’s a better way… other organizations have done it… but they just can’t find it.

We understand. The truth is, we feel your pain. There was a time when we all had the same problems, but we can help you overcome that pain with our “Build Your Brand Workshop”.

“Not another workshop!” you say? “I’ve already attended workshops, and watched webinars, and listened to podcast episodes, and I still don’t have a brand that works for us today, let alone when things slow down.”

echoEngagement workshops are different. Every echoEngagement workshop is a Teach and Deliver model. In the “Build Your Brand Workshop” you and your team will learn the foundational lessons necessary to Build You Brand while we’re building your brand, together, onsite.

Let’s build a brand that attracts the clients you want, the projects you need, and the fees you deserve today.