Are you building a high-performing, future-ready business development team?

Short description:

The national average hit rate for architecture firms is about 20%, but there are firms that are winning 50%, 60%, and even more of the projects they pursue.

About 70% of the fact-finding, opinion forming, and decision making is done before the request reaches you. Most of the selection process actually happens before you even know there’s a project out there.

If your hit rate is near the national average, that means a gap has opened between how you’re developing new business and the way your prospects are really hiring.

Are you trying to win in the last 30% (trying to make the shortlist and hoping to win in the interview) or are you attacking the 70% ahead of the RFP?


Times are changing. We’re in an accelerating age where distraction and commoditization are rising and loyalty is declining. The availability of technology and information is increasing and the amount of time you have to pitch is shrinking.

With up to 70% of the buyer’s journey done before your team even shows up, you have to pitch perfectly at every opportunity to make the next cut. This Compressed Selling Time, mixed with the drive toward Commoditization, and the move toward Consensus Decision-Making, and you’re now feeling the headwinds to future revenue and margin growth; the Three Deadly Cs.

You have to be able to align your marketing and business development with the way your prospects are really buying, but with only 30% of the journey available to you, and the ability to answer “Why you? Why now?” more important than ever, how do you attack the gap?

It’s time to understand this trend and prepare for a new competitive environment.

●      What if your website was actually effective as your lead sales person?

●      What if your organization had a convincing answer to “Why you? Why now?”

●      What if everyone in your organization understood your prospect’s “buyer’s journey”, and how to get ahead of the RFP?

During this session, you’ll develop a new outlook on what their buyer’s journey really looks like so you can connect your value to their deepest threats in a way that gets you ahead of the RFP (and your competition). 

Learning Objectives:

  1. After attending this session, participants will be able to explain the Three Deadly Cs.

  2. After attending this session, participants will be develop a plan to attack the gap between traditional marketing and business development and the way prospects are really buying.

  3. After attending this session, participants will be able to explain the most effective way to get ahead of the RFP process.

  4. After attending this session, participants will be able to develop a communications frame work to apply to website, marketing collateral, elevator pitch, and even live interview situations.

Speaker Bio:

Jeff Echols - President - echoEngagement

The biggest threat to any organization is becoming a commodity in the eyes of their clients and prospects. Jeff Echols has the unique ability to drill to the heart of an organization to find the unique advantages that drive relevance in the eyes of the most important audience: the organization's clients and prospects.

In times of velocity and uncertainty, Jeff’s unique experience earned over more than two decades in the A/E/C industry is a calming force that helps leaders understand how to win in today’s highly competitive, commoditized arena by clearly communicating solutions your clients truly value.

Jeff has shared his humorous and lively speaking style in venues ranging from Conference Rooms and Council Chambers to Regional and even National Convention stages … he even had the opportunity to speak at an IndyCar factory.

His speaking clients have included American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), American Institute of Architects (AIA), Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), Professional Services Management Journal (PSMJ), and Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS).

During Jeff’'s session, you will learn how to consistently deliver a clear, concise, and compelling answer to, "Why should I choose you?", and why helping everyone in your organization answer that question is the most important work you can do today.

Speaker contact information:

Jeff Echols - President

5222 E 9th Street
Indianapolis, IN  46219