Why do we do what we do?

At echoEngagement we’re passionate about stories; about your story.

We’re storytellers.

We believe in the power of stories.

We get out of bed in the morning so that we can help you craft and tell your story.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re not some woo-woo, kumbaya, let’s all sit in a circle and tell stories group. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

We tell stories for a purpose; your success.

No, this is a real business and your success is very important to us.

We have proven that you can get more business, find more clients, make more money through good Corporate Storytelling.

We’ve been working in the Digital Marketing space since before Facebook was available to anyone but college students.

We’ve told stories that have gotten Candidates elected and stories that have brought $4.25 Million in revenue to 3-person startups.


We know that when people talk about “successful” marketing you hear a lot about companies like Coca Cola and Red Bull and Starbucks.

Let’s be honest; for most of us those companies are hard to relate to. They have Marketing Departments, Social Media Teams … even Marketing Budgets.

You may not have any of that. You may have some of that.

One thing you do have is a Story, just like they do.


How can you, with no Marketing Budget (let alone a Social Media Team) leverage your time and creative talents with Corporate Storytelling and Digital Marketing?


How can you, with a Marketing Team strapped for time and resources learn to leverage what you have to make a bigger impact?

That’s why we’re here.

  • We’ve asked those questions.
  • We’ve struggled with the time management issues.
  • We’ve dabbled on the Social Networks.
  • We’ve leveraged those resources.

But more importantly,

  • We’ve learned how to focus and strategize and succeed.

We’ve realized that not only can you find more clients through Corporate Storytelling and Digital Marketing, but you can find the right kind of client; your perfectly matched, better educated, higher paying Ideal Client through Corporate Storytelling and Digital Marketing.


It’s our mission to help you succeed, to have a greater impact in the world by telling your story. We recognize that many businesses struggle with Marketing. We know that Social Media Marketing is a mystery to many business owners.

Whether you’re new to the online arena, you’re ready to launch your first campaign or you’re expanding your platform, we will help you make sense of the ever-changing geography of the Digital Marketing and Social Media landscape.

If you’re ready to learn how to be successful through Corporate Storytelling and Digital Marketing we can help.

Whether you need:

  • A Marketing Strategist
  • Onsite Training Sessions
  • An Expert Event Speaker
  • Content Creation and Management

We’re here for you.