Not every firm, not every client is the right fit for each other.

There’s a fundamental flaw that many businesses of all types fall victim to.

They don’t pay attention to who their Ideal Client is and the highest Value they can bring to those clients.

Not every firm, not every client is the right fit for each other.

That’s why at echoEngagement we want you to know that we’re not the right firm for everyone. You may not be the Ideal Client for us.

We are NOT a good fit for your organization if …

  1. You’re looking to outsource 100% of your marketing.

    At echoEngagement we work WITH you to help make your Marketing Team better. We focus on Purpose, Strategy, Education and Accountability in an effort to help you build the right team to tell the right story to meet your goals.

    If you need us to step in and become your marketing team, we’ll agree to a set period of time. That may be 6 months; it may be two years. Then, while we’re building your marketing machine, we’ll also work with you to bolster your in-house assets. When it’s time for us to transition out, you’ll be ready to take over where we left off.

  2. You’re looking for someone to run your social media accounts. 

    At echoEngagement we help you develop content to craft engaging stories. We also develop strategies to tell those stories through social media, but we are not built to run Facebook and Twitter marketing campaigns.

    Just like the Marketing scenario above, if you need us to step in and run your social media accounts, we’ll build a team dedicated to your needs and agree to a set period of time. While we’re building out and running your Social platforms, we’ll work with you to develop your own in-house processes and teams. When it’s time for us to transition out, you’ll be ready to take over the reigns.

  3. You need to be “sold” on Digital Marketing and Storytelling.

    At echoEngagement we’re not evangelists. We’re passionate about what we do and about the power of Storytelling and Digital Marketing, but we can’t spend our time trying to sell you on their value. Our Ideal Client is creative, forward thinking and committed to the ideals of content marketing.

    We’re always happy to come to you and give presentations about the benefits and power of corporate storytelling in the digital realm. After the presentation, if you’re not convinced that ‘what we’re selling’ is right for you, no worries. We’ll agree to go our separate ways; no hard feelings.

  4. You aren’t “all-in.” 

    At echoEngagement we’re committed to your success … but you have to be too. You have to be in it for the long haul and willing to invest time and resources in your future. We work on long-term projects. We don’t apply band-aides. Changing your marketing culture works; quick-fixes fail.

    We will work with you to establish short, medium and long-term goals and strategies but if you’re looking for a ’30-day turnaround’ our process isn’t for you.

  5. You’re looking for the lowest price consultant. 

    At echoEngagement we keep our focus on Value, not price. You will certainly find consultants that charge less than we do. You’ll also find some that charge more than we do. The question is: What value do our services bring to you? If price is at the top of your decision matrix we won’t be the right firm for you.

    The long-term health and success of your organization is important. So is our commitment to that success. If we can agree on those things, we’ll be just fine.

  6. You won’t commit to accountability and/or can’t handle adjustments. 

    At echoEngagement we feel strongly that Accountability and Adjustments are the key to your success. For many of our clients, a commitment to creating and distributing content constitutes a cultural change for their organization.

    We understand that the minute we walk out of the room you can begin to slip back into the reality of your old corporate culture. Through accountability coaching we can help change that reality. If you aren’t open to regular follow-up and feedback we won’t be able to successfully change that culture.